After successful installing your app, now let's take a look at our interface.


1 - Home tab

  • Home tab displays two main steps to translate your content. You can click on the available buttons and they will take you to the related sections.

2 - Languages tab

  • To choose languages and publish them on your store site. Our app supports over 100 languages and you can choose maximum five more beside the default one.

3 - Translations tab

  • When you've selected needed languages, switch to Translations tab to start working on each section
  • There are 14 translatable resources: Shop, Product, Collection, Page, Theme, Blog, Article, Delivery method definition, SMS template, Email template, Link, Metafield, Payment gateway and Shop_Policy.

  • With the Theme resources, you will get multiple subtabs to reach all different parts for the current theme.

4 - Languages Switcher

  • To manage the switcher which appears on storefront and lets the users localize content when visiting your online store.

The following functions below are only available on PRO version, please upgrade your app to have a full experience.

5 - Auto translate tab

  • Should you want to get everything done in just a few clicks, use this auto tool.
  • It works just like a bulk translator that takes effect on all data contained in the chosen resource.

6 - Import/Export tab

  • Users can export the data to a CSV file to edit by yourself then import it back to server.

7 - History tab

  • To view the import/export and auto translate actions' history and results.