First, you will need to make a choice between your Instagram's business account and personal accoung to connect to the store. 

You can only add 1 account at a time, so should you want to add more accounts for different pages/ sections in your store, please contact our team.

In this tutorial, we will point out how to add your personal Instagram account into your Shopify store through Instagram Gallery.


Step 1: Click the 'Connect Personal Instagram Account' button in the app interface.

A new window will appear takes you to Instagram's login page. If you happen to have logged in Facebook as I do, your Instagram account will appear as seen below. 

Click 'Continue as [your Instagram handle]' to continue.

Step 2: A dialogue box will appear asking for permission to go further. 

In order for Feed to appear normally on your store, please select the 'Access your media' option. Then click 'Authorize'.

Step 3: Your chosen Instagram account is now connected to the app. 

You can continue in Instagram Gallery interface in your myShopify Admin. 

Step 5: Creat a Widget containing Instagram feed for your store.

Step 6: After the Widget's creation, you can see it listed in the app's interface.