After you have created the first Instagram feed in the app, simply click on the Edit button of the feed you want to modify.

An interface will appear to help you modify almost all aspects of the Feed. 

It is divided into 3 tabs: Content, Layout and Colors.

  • Content: 
    • Filters tab for modifying number of posts to display.

  • Layout:
    • Feed Title and Feed Title size for modifying Feed's title.
    • Feed Layout for modifying Feed's layout into Grid, Carousel and Masonry view.
    • Post Template for modifying post cards into Tile or Classic view.
    • Columns for modyfying number of post cards displays on each row and the space (or padding) between each post card.
    • Post Settings for modifying the look and enable various functions for each post card.

  • Colors for modifying the color each element of individual post card in general.

We will continue with the use of each tabs in the following articles.